We won the Grand Stevie Award as the “Most Honored Marketing Agency” in the 2021 Stevie International Business Awards Program

What is Awards Consulting?

It is the end-to-end support process that our expert consultants give to institutions or individuals to win awards from respected award programs.




Who Can Apply for the Awards?

  • All companies, SMEs, Start-Ups that are successful in their field and implement successful applications / products
  • Teams with success stories and professional managers
  • Consulting firms or consultants who want to get awards for their clients with their projects
  • Businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stand out with their individual achievements can apply for the awards.

With What Kind of Projects Can I Apply for the Award?

  • Company activities, strategy, vision
  • Sectoral Success
  • Personal Success
  • Successful new or existing products/programs/applications
  • New or existing processes
  • Developments in different areas, such as the success of managing a change in the company, can be candidates for the award.

What Do I Get By Winning An Award?

  • International Recognition and Prestige
  • Sales and Marketing Power
  • Opportunity for international Business Contacts
  • Employee and Customer Loyalty


Customer Success Rate

Award Consultancy Service

In our service within the scope of award applications determined mutually with our customers, which we progress as a project;

• Selection of Award Programs and Categories to Apply
• Creating the Application Strategy and Setup Based On The Application
• Writing of Award Application Files
• Consulting in Measurement and Calculation of Business Results
• Planning of Visual and Multimedia Supporting Materials Required for Application
• Consultancy in the Execution of Submission Processes

Strategic Award Consultancy Service

In our service where the entire Awards Management process of our customer is handled end-to-end within a mutually determined period (1 year, 2 years, etc.);

• Awards Strategy
• Consultancy in Determining the Awards Strategy of the Institution
• Mapping for Award Candidate Applications of The Institution
• Preparation of the Annual Award Application Calendar
• Award Applications
• Selection of Award Programs and Categories to Apply
• Preparation of Application Setups
• Preparation of All Award Application Files within the Schedule
• Writing Service for All Award Applications within the Schedule
• Consulting in Measurement and Calculation of Business Results
• Planning of Visual and Multimedia Supporting Materials Required for Application
• Consultancy in the Execution of the Submissions
• Awards Communication and PR Service
• Establishment of the Institution’s Communication Plan on Awards and Related Issues Throughout the Year
• Preparation of Press Releases Regarding the Awards
• Planning Reputation Building Activities such as Awards Speech / Newspaper News
• Monthly Award Newsletter

How Does the Awards Consultancy Process Work?

Awards consultancy process offers end-to-end consultancy at all stages of the award process including;

  • Detailed Analyses
  • Selection of the most appropriate award program and categories
  • Determination of Submission File Needs and Strategy
  • Creation of the Submission Files
  • Preparation of the Awards Presentation (if any)
  • Consultancy in Preparation of Supporting Materials, Videos, Images and Presentations
  • Writing the Submission Files

What Does the Award Consultancy Process Include?

We have consultancy packages in different scopes such as;

  • Creating the Awards Strategy and Communication Plan
  • Preparation of the award Submission Files
  • Consultancy in Impact Measurement and Calculation of Business Results for Award-nominated Applications
  •  Writing the Submission Files

About Us

We have been offering our “Award Consulting” service to the benefit of our customers as the “Kuzey Gelisim Akademisi”, professionally in the last 10 years, with our sectoral experience of more than 18 years.

We are at the service of our customers with our consultants who are well-versed in the processes of our individual and corporate customers, who are experts in discovering their full potential, who know their customers as well as award programs, and who even serve as jury and jury chairman in many programs.

In 18 years of experience, we have managed to win more than 500 awards to more than 60 different customers in 35 different award programs globally, primarily in America and Europe.

As a result of our expertise, 94% of all applications prepared under our consultancy were deemed worthy of an award, while all of our customers returned with at least one award from the award programs they attended.

We help our customers to announce both their companies and their work around the world by transforming their successful works into award-worthy applications with the perspective of “How you describe it is as important as what you do”.

If you have more questions about human resources, development and award consultancy, you can contact us.




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